6th – 8th grade


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 Youth explore foods, learn about the food system, and create meals as chefs-in-training, receiving intensive culinary lessons in knife skills and cooking techniques. 

“I like so many parts of the program, but I guess the most important part for me was that it opened the kids’ minds and world. So many of the kids we teach have such limited opportunities. This was an enriching experience for them.” Phebe Smith, Teacher: Brown Street Academy

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Children learn basic cooking skills while they explore foods which help them grow and stay healthy. This fun, hands-on program teaches children to cook and eat 40 different vegetables, legumes and whole grains from 14 different cuisines.

"Trying new foods and different cuisines is really fun because you can find so many foods you never knew you liked and then you can share those foods with your family and friends."  Jax 

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Students prepare and eat simple dishes using vegetables that they planted, cared for, and harvested from their own class gardens.  

"Foods made with plants are actually really good. Before the class I didn’t really like plant foods especially vegetables, but now I know you can make them taste really good if you know how to cook them."  Darin


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Fun and delicious culinary nutrition education classes designed to motivate and educate adults in our community to choose a healthy diet.

"I never served vegetables to my family before taking this class, but now my family and I eat salad every week and we all really like it. So now we want to eat salad all of the time! For fun, we like to try adding new ingredients too."  Dionna