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With the support of generous individuals like you, FoodRight is able to teach thousands of students, families, and community members to make healthy food choices for life.


    Teach a child to cook a plant-based meal at home and feed a family in need during distance learning.                                                                                                                



  • GIVE $22/MONTH

    Provide meal kits for a classroom of 28 youth, ensuring that all students have the chance to participate in hands-on learning through virtual Youth Chef Academy lessons. 



  • GIVE $48/MONTH

    Equip low-income students in 3 Milwaukee schools with essential cooking tools like measuring cups and spoons, allowing them to participate in at-home culinary lessons.



  • GIVE $69 MONTH

    Support 5 virtual lessons for 18 families that teach parents how to cook and enjoy healthy foods at home with their K5 and 1st-grade children working with them in the kitchen.



About giving

Your donation makes a difference to the health and well-being of not only a single child but an entire community for generations to come.

Eating take-out and pre-packaged convenience foods has become the norm. While Americans from every sector suffer the effects, people in low-income communities - where food budgets are limited - suffer disproportionately. So many of our children, particularly the poorest, have been raised on a steady diet of high-sugar, high-fat, highly-processed foods. The result is an alarming rate of obesity, malnutrition, diabetes and heart disease.

Teaching children (as well as their parents, teachers and neighbors) to cook and appreciate wholesome, affordable, nutritious food now can stop the cycle of food-related disease and health disparities.


Your support creates a ripple effect—children who learn to cook and appreciate healthy food now cook and eat healthy foods throughout their life. They raise children with the same values and pass on these life skills. Together with your support we can reverse the epidemic of obesity and poor eating in a single generation. All children deserve access to wholesome food and the chance to enjoy life-long health.



Any amount helps. Support healthy food access with a one-time donation of the amount of your choosing.

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