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FoodRight       /'fōod rīt/


a dedicated non-profit that strives to create a world where:

  • all people understand the impact of food on health and are able to make life-supporting choices;

  • all people have access to wholesome, sustainably-raised foods no matter their income;

  • all people possess the basic skills to cook wholesome foods from scratch 


to empower youth, families and communities to choose foods that sustain life-long health

Students cooking!

"FoodRight is amazing. I can't believe how it changes the kids' attitudes about food. I have used similar ingredients at home, and my children have refused to try the meals. After making recipes with her class, I have seen my daughter and the other kids asking for second servings of healthy foods. Not only does she want to help cook at home now, but she also thinks about her food choices and whether they are good for her body. It's been a wonderful experience for our whole family." 

Parent of 5th grader, Hawley Environmental School


Event Calendar Anchor

FoodRight at the Market

Upcoming farmers market dates: 

  • Riverwest Gardeners Market — 7/23/2023 & 8/13/2023

  • Tosa Farmers Market — 8/5/2023 

  • Fondy Farmers Market — 7/30/2023 & 8/27/2023

  • Enderis Park Farmers Market — TBD

Green & Health Schools Conference — 8/2/2023


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