FoodRight is a Milwaukee-based 501C3 social enterprise which partners with schools, community-based organizations, institutions and businesses to offer food, gardening, and culinary nutrition education programming and services.

Our Mission

FoodRight empowers youth, families and communities to choose foods that sustain life-long health.


Our Vision

  • That all people understand the impact of food on health and are able to make life-supporting choices

  • That all people have access to wholesome, sustainably-raised foods no matter their income

  • That all people possess the basic skills to cook wholesome foods from scratch


Our Values

  • A sustainable food system–environmentally sound, economically viable and socially just

  • Diversity in foods grown and eaten as a key component to individual and environmental health

  • Experiential learning as a tool for impactful education

  • Family meals as a powerful means of promoting well-being

What we do





Thank you to our community of supporters

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