Targeting middle-school-aged students, this is FoodRight's cornerstone program. Theory-based, behavior-driven, and scientifically vetted, the curriculum promotes intake of vegetables, legumes and whole grains while addressing core academic standards in math and English language arts. Through the course of 6 - 12 lessons, youth explore foods, learn about the food system, and create meals as chefs-in-training receiving intensive culinary lessons in knife skills and cooking methods. Programs are led by a highly-skilled instructor from FoodRight.  Teachers, staff parents and volunteers from schools and organizations are provided with a training course and support the classroom implementation.


This program is aimed at elementary-aged children from 4th - 6th grade.  Based on research and best practices for changing eating behaviors in children, this hands-on curriculum addresses common core standards while engaging students in positive experiences with healthy foods.  Children learn basic cooking skills while they explore the foods that help them grow and keep them healthy. In the course of 10 lessons, they are exposed to more than 40 different vegetables, legumes and whole grains from 14 different cuisines.


Development of this program began in 2014. Theory-based and behavior-focused, these curricula target 2nd -3rd grade or 4th - 6th grade using gardening and cooking. Students prepare and eat simple dishes using vegetables that they planted, cared for, and harvested from their own class gardens.  The program is unique in that is was designed so that students can understand first-hand interdependence of soil, seed, plant, harvest and health in a single school year in a seasonal Northern climate in schools that may not have an established garden. Through this seed to fork approach, children can fully experience and appreciate a local food system.


We offer nutrition and culinary education classes to adults.  We specialize in teaching adults to cook plant-based meals using global cuisines. We also offer classes in food preservation methods using locally grown foods. We teach nutritionally sound and practical classess in managing diet-related chronic diseases. We offer team-building, culinary-based corporate events. 

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