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Volunteer with FoodRight

2022 04 20_maryanne LBM

Join the FoodRight family today! TOGETHER, we can show youth in our community that access to fresh whole foods and the knowledge and skills to turn them into nutritious, tasty meals is a right. A FOOD RIGHT!

Check out our volunteer opportunities and what FoodRight Super Fans have to say:


From leading students through a FoodRight recipe, to ensuring our classrooms are ready to cook, to expanding our capacity with skills driven or at-home opportunities, you can make a difference in your community today.

Choose how you'll impact Milwaukee youth today!


LEAD a cooking group of 6-8 students!

No matter your cooking skill level, if you are willing to learn and can help guide students through a recipe, we welcome you to join us in our Youth Chef Academy classrooms and witness as students go from "Yuck" to "Yum" in one bite. 

FoodRight intern helping Youth Chef Academy student grate a zucchini

Cook with Milwaukee Public School (MPS) students ages 5 to 15 in just a few easy steps:

1. Join FoodRight's GivePulse volunteer portal

2. Find a FoodRight class that works for you

3. Join us in the classroom!


Join our team as we set our students up for culinary success!

Sign up to become a FoodRight volunteer today!

A great way to see our impact outside of the cooking classroom:

  • 2-3 hours time slots

  • No cooking experience or background check required

  • Easy, rewarding, and fun, especially when you bring a friend!

Volunteers from Chorus Community Health Plans helping at the FoodRight offices
A Chorus Community Health Plans volunteer helping packing FoodRight ingredient kits

Bring the whole team!

We love teaming up with corporate volunteers. These are just a few of our Chorus Community Health Plans (CCHP) superstars! 


That's right! You can be a FoodRight volunteer from your own home.

We are currently looking for recipe testers and translators.

Opportunities will be posted soon.

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