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Our Mission

FoodRight empowers youth to choose foods that sustain life-long health.


A needs assessment conducted by Lisa Kingery, founder and CEO of FoodRight, in central Milwaukee early in 2006, revealed a youth population with a consistently poor diet, high prevalence of obesity, and a lack of programming to address the issue.


The idea to introduce an elevated home economics curricula to address the needs of today’s youth was born. The Youth Chef Academy©(YCA), a cooking-based nutrition education program, was created based on behavior change theory and food acceptance research.


Growing Strong

Since its' official launch in 2015, FoodRight continues to develop and broaden its hands-on culinary & nutrition programs.


FoodRight has expanded its reach as a Milwaukee-based nonprofit that partners with Milwaukee Public Schools and community-based organizations to offer gardening and culinary nutrition education programming taught by registered dietitians and public health experts.  In addition, FoodRight utilizes creative strategies to help support and build healthy school environments through policy, systems, and environmental initiatives. 


FoodRight develops its own plant-based recipes, created to be affordable, accessible and globally-minded.

Growing Chef students in a garden bed, holding their arms up like growing plants!
Youth Chef Academy students cooking together

We help students ....​

  • Claim their right to access fresh, nutritious whole foods​

  • Claim their right to engage and learn from hands-on, gardening, culinary and nutrition education 

  • Claim their right to develop skills that allow them to turn nutritious whole foods into delicious plant-based meals 

Growing Chefs student grating carrot
  • That all people understand the impact of food on health and can make life-supporting choices

  • That all people have access to wholesome, sustainably-raised foods no matter their income

  • That all people possess the basic skills to cook wholesome foods from scratch

Youth Chef Academy students washing lettuce greens
  • A sustainable food system — environmentally sound, economically viable, and socially just

  • Diversity in foods grown and eaten as a key component to individual and environmental health

  • Experiential learning as a tool for impactful education

  • Family meals as a powerful means of promoting well-being


Changing the way Milwaukee eats and creating a more equitable and sustainable food system starts with our youth and their loved ones. Building skills, knowledge and providing resources is just the start. Get involved today. 

Youth Chef Academy Elementary student holding up a Thank You letter to FoodRight
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Interested in getting involved with FoodRight? We have lots of opportunities, whether you're an educator, looking to volunteer or just like what we do and want to donate. Maybe you simply want to hear more about what we are currently up to. If so, subscribe to our newsletter

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